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In October , three lawyers, Dr Abdulrahman al-Subaihi, Bander al-Nogaithan and Abdulrahman al-Rumaih , were sentenced to up to eight years in prison for using Twitter to criticize the Ministry of Justice. A Saudi Arabia-led coalition has responded with air strikes in order to reinstate Mr Hadi. It has since been accused of committing war crimes in the country.

Women who supported the Women2Drive campaign, launched in to challenge the ban on women driving vehicles, faced harassment and intimidation by the authorities. The government warned that women drivers would face arrest. Activists have received death sentences or long prison terms for their alleged participation in protests in and All public gatherings are prohibited under an order issued by the Interior Ministry in In March , the Interior Ministry stated that authorities had deported over , foreign migrants and that 18, others were in detention.

Thousands of workers were returned to Somalia and other states where they were at risk of human rights abuses, with large numbers also returned to Yemen, in order to open more jobs to Saudi Arabians. Many migrants reported that prior to their deportation they had been packed into overcrowded makeshift detention facilities where they received little food and water and were abused by guards. The Saudi Arabian authorities continue to deny access to independent human rights organisations like Amnesty International, and they have been known to take punitive action, including through the courts, against activists and family members of victims who contact Amnesty.

The other was 10 ha"e the ROUs-RO 'cc Vulture engine with an 'X' cyhnder arrangement, the Vul1ure also bemg scheduled as the powcrplant for thc Ano Manchester hea,' " bomber, Both engines had 24 cylinders. The Splljire II! Lmer il was filled fdlll tft'O Ib bombs. II replaced Ille slow Blenheim and, with jOllr eallllon alld six mad,ille-glills, had devastating firepoo. The engine also continued to give trouble owing to its usc of sleeve vah'es, which eventually had to be manufactured in a differelll material using imported American machine tools.

Carrying either eight machineguns J.. The aircraft went into squadron service in july but was operational until December owing 10 lack of engines, Rolls-Royce being totally involved in Merlin production. Cannon armament was being introduced in Germany, and France, and the RAF had no long-range fighter for use as a nightlighter and for escorting bombers. BriS evolvcd a dt-sign which would usc the wings, rear fuselage, lail unit and undercarriage of the Beaufort torpedo bomber, already under development.

These were married 10 a new from fuselage. A number of modifications were inlt'oduced before the first Beaufighlers were delivered to the RAF in August , in the middle of the Bartle of Britain. It became Coaslal Command's standard long.

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It scn'cd in the Middle East and Far Easl theatres. Its Hercules III engines delivered 1,hp each. This was a classic example of the adaptation of a sound basic airframe to perform a variety of tasks. After the campaign in France it was realised that a. A" Ihe early varUJms, as shoom here, the ellgilll? The logical follow-up was the fighter-bomber Mosquito, with bombs in addition to guns.

The M.

Anti-arms activists target warplane technology factory in Brighton

For two-and-a-htllf years from ils entry into service, the Mosquito was faster than any other type in service with the Allies or the Axis. In Bomber Command it was the fastest aircraft throughout the war. When the war began, Britain's long-range medium bomber forc ' relied on three I"ypes, me Whitley, see photograph, page 52 , Wellington and Hampden.

Of thl'Se the best all-round operational aircraft was the Vickers Wellington. Lack of suitable navigational aids was an added factor, bUI hardly the fault of the airframe manufacturers. By the end of medium bombers were used only at night, as daylight raids w 'r ' tOO costly.

The Fairey Battle light bomber concept was truly dead. Largely due to the e!

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Even more fCvolutionary was that it was of all-wooden construction. It was clear thut the Mosquito was admirably suited to fulfil other roles. Accordingly, prototypes for photogrnphic reconnaissance and interception followed. The long-r. Its armament was four. Basic potJ.. This resulted in an X,configuration engine rated at I,sOOhp, but With considerably higher power potenual. The Manchester soldiered on with the Vulture. The airframe was excellent, but the Vulture wa!! It did not reach its designed power. Span was 86ft 2in 26m , and length 64ft 7in 19m.

By the Air Slaff, watching the growing power and size of the Luftwaffe, issued far. Tko wcre to be twin-engined and one four-engined. TM mostfonwu.

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  5. OUtpUt and engme failures were frequent. If ROlls-Ro 'ce had not had alllls efforts concentrated on the Aledin, the compan ' As it There then occurred one of the most remarkable aircraft transformauons in wartime. Apart from a change to Hercules radials on LancaSlcr lis and modified bomb bays, the Lancaster airfr'J. Its span ""liS ft , length 69ft 4in 21m and its all-up w 'ight was 50,OOOlb 22,kg. The maximum bomb load was 13,OOOlb 5,kg. As a bomber the Slirling was! The Stirling!. Its aU-up weight was 59,lb 26,kg. Its armament comprised a two-gun nose turret, a four-gun tail Nrret and, initially, a ventrnltwo-gun 'dustbin'.

    The turrets had hydraulic reeuperators, but unfortunately!.

    Through and Britain was developing and gaining operational experience on the types of large long-range bomber which would fonn the backbone of Bomber Command's operations at night. On ISMay a 29ft-span 8m single-seat monoplane, the E.