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The film was plenty to work with. Also, because this is a film within a film structure, I knew what he was going to look like, how we was going to move.

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I started from a place of mimicry, really, because I had that as a very clear model. Unlike the original, I knew I was going to have to speak, so I decided on an accent.

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  • I placed an accent in the Tatras Mountains, the question was how theatrical to go with it. And I think I decided to go pretty theatrical. Even in the most naturalistic movie, I always look through a mask to perform through, but this was the most literal and extreme mask you could have. Was it an opportunity that immediately seized you?

    A new adaptation of the American cult series is now on the cards.

    Dafoe : It was a really witty script. Very comic, very creepy, a real weird hybrid of genres.

    I could anticipate an interesting process, because it is idiosyncratic, but very rooted in practical things and that appealed to me. Dafoe : It took a little over 3 hours to get into the makeup. I usually dress myself on movie sets, but in this case, I had to be dressed, because there were some undergarments, a shoulder piece, very awkward boots, and a very tight waistcoat, so that took awhile. And then at the end of the day, it took another hour to clean me up and get me out.


    Reel Review: Shadow of the Vampire () - Morbidly Beautiful

    Which was interesting, because some of the people that I worked with only saw me in the make-up, as Max Schreck, because I was the first one there and the last one to leave, so they never knew me as Willem. Willem Dafoe is Max Schreck, the creepy, weird, bald, pallid man who played the vampire, and whose dedication to the role in this film seems to go horrifyingly beyond mere method acting. Murnau is fastidious, demanding, cruel; he wears a white coat and goggles during filming, like a mad scientist. Malkovich's feathery voice is always threatening to snap down into his habitual basso- profundo roar of rage; Dafoe is perpetually snuffling, growling, gibbering and leering like nothing so much as a rabid hamster.

    The mad-visionary-director-plus-wildman-actor template is clearly inspired by the legendary relationship of Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski, responsible for the Nosferatu remake. When Dafoe suddenly grabs a bat out of the night air and crams it in his greedy gob, it's impossible not to imagine Marty munching away while Gene shrilly complains: "D-don't do that. So are we supposed to laugh at Malkovich and Dafoe, or with them, or what?

    In the Shadow of a Vampire: 10 Best Dracula-Inspired Vamps

    How funny is it all supposed to be? I suspect it's being sold as a comedy to excuse the unintentional absurdity. Thankfully, a few prints remained. Gone is the romance and the wonder.

    Shadow Of The Vampire

    Nosferatu is a true nightmarish horror classic that should be watched by everyone. Wannabe writer, fountain of useless information, horror loving movie fanatic, and time lord.

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