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Acknowledging an individual for a job well-done is one of the most meaningful forms of support our patients offer. When they participate in the Guardian Angel program, our patients and their families demonstrate that they understand the important role our caregivers play in enabling us to continue providing excellence in patient care.

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At Marshall Medical Center, patient care is a top priority for each and every member of our professional healthcare team. You and your family deserve the best medical services, and the Marshall Family is proud to continue to exceed your expectations. Often, grateful patients or their family members take the time to send a note of thanks to their caregivers for the care they received.

The Guardian Angel Program was created so that patients would have the opportunity to acknowledge the exceptional care received, and at the same time, support Marshall in continuing its mission. Say thank you and honor the caregiver, faculty member or other hospital staff member who made your experience a positive one. Your participation in the Guardian Angel Program demonstrates you have an understanding of the important role our caregivers and facility play in allowing us to continue fulfilling this mission of excellence in patient care.

Funds received through this program will be utilized where the need is the greatest, unless otherwise requested by the donor.

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Recognize your Angel with a special gift. Your gift will support medical excellence and provide a way for you to pay special tribute to the caregiver who made a meaningful difference in your Marshall Medical visit or stay. Your Guardian Angel will be recognized with a certificate and a specially-designed lapel pin in recognition of his or her exceptional care.

When a highway patrol officer arrived, he and Carl began searching for the driver of the sheared tractor trailer, but found no one inside. Just then, Carl spied a man on the side of the road, covered in blood and oil.

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He seemed disoriented and did not know where he was. Carl brought the man into his warm truck to keep him from freezing.

Carl and Eva have been driving for 14 years and have covered between 3 and 4 million miles throughout that time. Since their route always takes them through cold weather states, they have seen many vehicles roll over or slide off the road due to icy conditions.

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Someone was looking out for [the man we helped] that day. Fortunately, the man survived his injuries and was so appreciative of the help he received that he nominated Carl and Eva for the Highway Angel award. TCA has received letters and e-mails from people across North America nominating truck drivers for the program. Share Article.

Professional truck driver team showed kindness to injured accident victim. Share article on social media or email:.