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The Village Voice. December 4, Midler admits that the book is meant for older children, or maybe just for adults. Baby Divine herself sometimes struggles to apprehend the lessons of Lily, Tillie, and Joyce, as in this great extended passage in which Lily offers a taxonomy of laughter:. Giggles and titters are laughs that slip out Whenever a laugh is taboo.

The story became imprinted in the still, small part of me who also longed for more, who felt like the Baby who did not quite fit in with my dusty desert town. Lily, Tillie, and Joyce are ostensibly women, but Schorr, for his part, drew them a bit like drag queens, garishly glamorous exiles who can turn any scrap of errant cloth into a fashion moment, and whose ultimate gift to their young charge is the power of pageantry. Whether or not you find it inspiring or galling to see a woman cast herself as a Tinseltown Messiah depends on what you find sacred.

Hitler our contemporary: Brand heritage, the Reich as power brand 8.

ISBN 13: 9781520252063

Was Adolf Hitler ahead of his time? A review of comparative self-presentation Epilogue: The Fuhrer and the Donald: the ghost of a resemblance? Building on his acclaimed Selling Hitler , he uses marketing scholarship to show how propaganda and political marketing existed not merely as an instrument of government in Nazi Germany, but as the very medium of government itself. Marketing the Third Reich explores the insidious connection between a mass culture and a political movement, and how the cultures of consumption and politics influence and infect each other - consumerised politics and politicised consumption.

Nazism functioned as a brand, packaging almost everything with persuasive purpose. Revealing obvious parallels between Adolf Hitler's use of the living theatre of politics, and our present public-political dramaturgy, between Nazi lies and our post-truth, the book raises the chilling question: was Hitler ahead of his time? This radical, original, in-depth study will be an invaluable resource for all scholars of marketing history, political marketing, propaganda and history. O83 Unknown. Max Friedlaender : Lebenserinnerungen [].

Friedlaender, Max, , author. F75 A3 Available. Roitsch, Bianca, author. G3 R Unknown.

Witte, Bernd, author. G3 W58 Available. National socialism and German discourse : unquiet voices []. Dodd, Bill Bill J. Highly engaging, with English translations provided throughout, this book will provide an invaluable resource for scholars of discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, and German history and culture; as well as readers with a general interest in language and politics. D63 Unknown. Botz, Gerhard, author. B Unknown. Nazism across borders : the social policies of the Third Reich and their global appeal []. Description Book — xi, pages ; 23 cm.

Summary Nazism across Borders argues that Nazi social policies were part of transnational exchanges and processes. Beyond territorial conquest, the Nazis planned to export and internationalize their version of welfare, and promoted a new kind of internationalism, pitched as a superior alternative to its liberal and Communist contenders.

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Since the late nineteenth century, the 'German social model' had established itself as a powerful route for escaping from the precarious conditions associated with wage work. The Nazis capitalized on this reputation, continuing some elements, but also added new measures, mainly to pursue their antisemitic, racist, and highly aggressive goals.

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  • The contributions in this collection shed new light on the complex ways in which German and Nazi ideas were received and negotiated by non-German actors and groups around the world before the Second World War. Why were they interested in what was going on in Germany? To what extent did Nazi policies emulate programmes elsewhere for example, in Fascist Italy , and where did they serve as role models?

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    Nazi social policies, we argue, were a benchmark that societies as diverse as Japan, Norway, and the United States considered in making their own choices. How did the Nazis export their ideas when they finally occupied large swaths of the continent and what was the role of non-German actors? What were the links to the better-known stories of exploitation of lands, resources, and peoples? N Unknown. Nicosia and Bogac A. Ergene Chapter 1. By focusing on Arab and Turkish reactions to German anti-Semitism and the persecution of European Jews during this period, this expansive collection surveys the institutional and popular reception of Nazism throughout the Middle East.

    It provides nuanced and scholarly yet accessible case studies of the ways in which nationalism, Islam, anti-Semitism, and colonialism intertwined, all while sensitive to the region's political, cultural, and religious complexities. M N39 Unknown. K37 A4 Available.

    Der Staatsanwalt (41:10.01) - Ritt in den Tod (DE 2015)

    Montesinos Gilbert, Toni, author. V53 M66 Available. Die Nordische Bewegung in der Weimarer Republik []. Breuer, Stefan, author. Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz Verlag, Description Book — pages ; 24 cm. Lehmann, Max R. B74 Available. Der Ort der "Volksgemeinschaft" in der deutschen Gesellschaftsgeschichte []. Summary 'Volksgemeinschaft'!? O78 Unknown. Halbrainer, Heimo, author. Graz : Clio, H35 F Available. Hesemann, Michael, author. H47 Unknown. Partiti e movimenti di massa : fascismo e nazionalsocialismo []. Mancini, Roberto, author.


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    Roma : Pagine, [] Description Book — pages ; 21 cm. M Available. April []. Steinthaler, Evelyn, author. A93 S74 Available. Berlin : Be. Description Book — pages : illustrations ; 25 cm. Januar : P74 Available. Die Regierung Hitler.

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    Band IX, []. R Unknown. The remnants of the Rechtsstaat : an ethnography of Nazi law []. Meierhenrich, Jens, author. This book is an intellectual history of Ernst Fraenkel's The Dual State , reissued , one of the most erudite books on the theory of dictatorship ever written. Fraenkel's was the first comprehensive analysis of the rise and nature of Nazism, and the only such analysis written from within Hitler's Germany.

    His sophisticated-not to mention courageous-analysis amounted to an ethnography of Nazi law. As a result of its clandestine origins, The Dual State has been hailed as the ultimate piece of intellectual resistance to the Nazi regime.