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He warned that an opposition victory would ruin the country and paralyze the young Government of President Roh Tae Woo. Then came four more anti-Government politicians, most of them offering similar visions of apocalypse unless they won. Incumbent Turns Independent. A notable exception was the local incumbent, a thoughtful and ambitious Assemblyman named Hong Sa Duk, who is running as an independent after walking away from the mainstream opposition groups out of disgust with their ruinous divisions.

Eventually, we can achieve reunification of the opposition forces.

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Some supporters say Mr. Hong will be lucky to retain his Assembly seat, let alone bring about what now seems like the impossible dream of opposition unity. And his uphill battle is emblematic of the extent to which this campaign has become an echo of the presidential election in December, which, for many South Koreans, represented their greatest democratic leap forward in decades.

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When legislative elections were last held, in , Mr. Hong won handily as each district sent two people to the Assembly.

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This time, there can be only one winner in each constituency, and the result has been a free-for-all, with no holds barred. Kaepo and the surrounding Kangnam district are normally solid territories for the opposition, and Mr. Hong says he will win again. But neutral commentators are not so sure. They say the competition for anti-Government votes is so fierce that Mr.

Lee of the ruling Democratic Justice Party may well slide in to office. In one working-class Seoul district, where in theory the opposition should have an easy time, the Democratic Justice candidate has eight rivals dividing the anti-Government vote. As a result, many experts predict that President Roh's party will tighten its hold on power Tuesday by winning a majority of the Assembly seats being contested at the district level. That should enable it to add 40 or more of 75 other seats that will be distributed nationally among the parties on a proportional basis.

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The ruling camp's pitch has not changed since December. Stability, it says, can be guaranteed only if it wins. To bring home the point that times are perilous, it has worked hard - with the help of an often-compliant press and the state-owned television network -to play up incidents of campaign violence. Meanwhile, the opposition has also followed the December script. It warns that a Democratic Justice victory will give dangerous new power to the Roh Government, which it calls an extension of the military-installed regime of former President Chun Doo Hwan.

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