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This report provides a summary of developments and experimentation studies towards monitoring and assimilation of space-borne radar and lidar cloud profile observations in Numerical Weather Prediction NWP model.

An overview of the required adjustments of assimilation tools, such as the observation operators, observation error definition, quality control, data screening and bias correction, in order to build a direct data assimilation and monitoring system for such observations is provided. Conclusions from monitoring experiments for cloud radar and lidar observations using CloudSat NASA's cloud radar mission and CALIPSO Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations data have suggested that the skill of monitoring system to detect a degradation in the quality of observations is improved when the first guess departures are used compared to using just observations alone.

However, impact of the cloud radar reflectivity is larger than that of the lidar backscatter.

Definition of 'observation'

When was the last time you received a clap from a top writer? I recently read a short e-book on Amazon, it was woeful.

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It had all the material for a good read, but the writer had over estimated his own skill. I could see myself writing that book. Full of enthusiasm and interesting experiences, but not taking the reader into account enough.

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Being objective, I would say to myself as that writer. Get an editor. Put it up for honest review by other writers. The main flaw I saw in the book, was he wrote as if under the influence of methamphetamine, way too fast. He spat experiences and events out urgently, as if the point was to get to some more meaty part of the book.

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He assumed readers were looking for a secret technique. Mostly they are not. This fast, punchy script may work for action thrillers but generally not for biographic stories, where the action is non-action.

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