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Product added! Browse Wishlist. The product is already in the wishlist! Into the Deep in print quantity. Into the Deep in PDF quantity. Category: Numenera. What Wonders Lie Beneath the Waves? What will you find when you venture into the deep?

Secrets of the strange Queen of All Octopuses, her temple-palace of coral, and the unique technology of her kind—along with dozens of other wondrous locations and items. Details of the mysterious invisible corridors that allow surface dwellers to breathe and operate at any depth—if they can find and navigate these pathways. It brings together expertise from technology developers and its users, i.

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A project aiming at structuring the access to unique research infrastructures for studying interactions between water and environmental elements, sediment, structures and ice. The project "Next Generation subsea inspection, maintenance and repair operations" developed novel integrated sensor platforms with robust perception methods and collision-free motion planning algorithms for subsea inspection and light intervention operations. It was created to improve our understanding of the biological pump through examining and comparing the situations in different ocean areas.

Until then, this is a definite must buy! If you're a fan of New Adult, romance, alpha-males, great friends, and stories about redemption, then this is the read for you!

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View all 5 comments. Aug 09, Didi rated it it was ok Shelves: angst-in-my-pants , betrayal , second-chances , new-adult , college-romance. I am going to go with my gut that this rating, for a Samantha Young book, was an anomaly. I usually love her stuff and judging from that I figured I would love this too. But I didn't love it. It was at most average. Another NA book full of over-the-top angst and wasted time. Wasted time getting together, not my time reading this book, ;-. The story of Charley and Jake is about second chances, lost opportunities and misplaced blame. Their love is real, pure and meant to be epic, but I am going to go with my gut that this rating, for a Samantha Young book, was an anomaly.

Their love is real, pure and meant to be epic, but getting there was what this book was about, well, assumed to be about because although there was no cliffy, it ended on a to be continued That wasn't necessary. At all. I actually think if the book contained less filler and more substance, Charley and Jake could have easily gotten their HEA in this book and left the continuation of the series to be about other significant secondary characters. Instead, I found myself skimming crazily over things not necessary or even worthwhile. The angst and over thinking Charley and Jake went through was so unrealistic.

Especially after Jake did what he did and realized his mistake, why didn't he try and make it right? In a normal, everyday similar situation "Jake" would have at least tried to reach out and apologize. Especially considering how much it affected him! But he went on facing a future of doubt and uncertainty. I just don't get it. And Charley. She was definitely more relatable. A girl hurt immemsely by the guy she loves. She acted the way I believe any girl in her shoes would act. But again, she had so many chances to come clean and demand the truth behind everything she wondered about and she never took them, why?

The whole love triangle thing with Melissa was just aggravating. That whole time Jake was with her I kept wondering why someone wasn't kicking his ass! This is a rant, I know.

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I have loved this author's work in the past and I will continue with her other works but not this series. I also want to emphasize that although this book didn't do it for me it did it for many others and in order to judge you must read it on your own. Different strokes for different folks.. View all 19 comments. Ooh I love a bit of angst and this book certainly delivered on that.

Their relationship is solid and nothing can split them apart. Until it does. Fast forward 4 years and heartbroken Charley begins her study abroad program in Edinburgh along with her best friend Claudia. Charley has never been the same since Jake broke her so completely but she is determined to move on with life and is excited to be in Majestic Scotland. What she wasn't planning on was bumping into Jake and his girlfriend.

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Especially when she becomes part of a great circle of friends which include her ex and she has to see them on a daily basis. Things come to a head when the gang go on a trip to Fort William. I loved the authors description of the Scottish Highlands it was almost as if you were there. May 22, Kelli Spear rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-i-adore , new-adult , hot-man-alert , almost-threw-my-nook , 5-star-perfection.

I finished Into the Deep just over an hour ago and I'm still reeling in all of my emotions. I was ecstatic to get an ARC from Samantha to review because second chance love stories are pretty much my fave at the moment. After reading the description, I was positive I'd adore this story. I had no idea just how much though.

Into the Deep covers all of the emotional spectrum.

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My digital copy is covered in highlighted sections and filled with notes. From the very beginning, this book captures you in its spell. Samantha Young is a phenomenal storyteller. She creates amazingly in-depth characters that you fall in love with. Even those in supporting roles become important to you. She's created a group of people that I feel I know and consider friends.

Absolute brilliance.

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Now for the breakdown of my feelings about the story. First of all, not only are second chance love stories basically my favorite thing ever but I adore when it's told in flashback style. I was sold immediately. There would be no way I could dislike this book. Charley is awesome.

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  • What a great character. You can't help but fall a bit in love with her yourself. She doesn't buy into the typical high school drama and BS. She's a true individual. She has her own style, sense of humor and doesn't put up with anyone treating others poorly.