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There's really no age limit on believing, but if you do think it's time for your little one to know the truth -- or are wondering if he already knows -- we have some tips.

The Easter Bunny is real (You’ll love this proof!)

Read on to find out more. How Easter Works. Top 5 Easter Decorating Tips.

How long should kids believe in the Easter bunny? Believing in the Easter bunny can boost your child's creativity.


The tradition even included children leaving carrots out for the Osterhase, much like leaving cookies for Santa at Christmas. But there is another popular theory of where the Easter Bunny came from—the myth of Ostara. According to theconversation. But Bede makes no mention of rabbits or eggs being associated with her.

Although the true origins of the Easter Bunny may never be fully known or agreed upon, the Easter Bunny and its sidekick, the Easter egg, continue to be much loved traditions of the Easter holiday.

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  • 'Mommy, is the Easter Bunny real?'?

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pertsysnabel.tk Plant clues that the Easter Bunny was in your house, like a few tufts of cotton on the couch, "paw prints" on the floor, or, for those who love potty humor-jellybean "poop" in the toilet. Invent an Easter "elf.


Create an Easter Bunny version with a stuffed bunny you move each night and tell your kids he's going to report back to the big guy about their behavior. Problem solved.