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Treat Everyone As Members Rudolph to celebrate acceptance and inclusion. Watch these four animated videos which creatively illustrate what it feels like to be bullied, what students can do if they see bullying, and how to be an advocate against bullying. Then hold a classroom discussion using the suggested questions. Unite through music and movement to raise awareness for bullying prevention by organizing a Unity Dance. The toolkit includes the designated song for the dance, lyrics, choreographed dance moves, and much more.


Submissions can be about topics such as: What is bullying? How does bullying make me feel? What can I do to prevent bullying? You can use pencils, markers, paint, crayons, or other art mediums. Imagine what can happen when every person in your school or community takes one positive step to help prevent bullying. Those acts all add up and help make the world a better place for everyone.

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This activity shows just how powerful we are when united for a common goal. Get creative with this interactive and hands-on classroom activity. This is a shared experience in which each person contributes a leaf to create the tree. As the number of leaves increases, it creates a visual reminder, demonstrating that when we are united we can create social change. Create a powerful visual statement about uniting for kindness, acceptance and inclusion. Each student writes a message on an orange strip of construction paper.

The strips are then connected to illustrate the power of uniting for a common cause. Print, practice and then share this interactive conversation starter as a fun way to get ideas for being kind to others. Engage students to creatively understand the impact of bullying. The activity is simple and a great reminder to be kind to others. Help students understand the concept of above the line versus below the line behaviors and make a commitment to promoting above the line behaviors at their school. Sign up for the free Kids Against Bullying newsletter.

Share in classrooms and libraries. Involve your friends, teachers, coaches, and parents, and unite for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion!

Elementary Activities Free activities and resources designed for younger students. Kids Coloring Book Color the Crew!


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Award winning author and speaker, Ben Mikaelsen has a passion for helping kids break out of labels and discover their own special genius. More than just an author, Ben is a seasoned speaker with a unique ability to impact children and adults alike. His Bully-Free stance is far more than a mere "wrist-band" approach.

His presentations, coupled with the powerful messages in his books, like Touching Spirit Bear , have been referenced in People Magazine , and on Anderson Cooper and have affected positive change in countless students the world over. Ben is able to establish instant rapport with his audience through his true story of raising and caring for a pound black bear named Buffy.

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His popularity as an anti-bully week speaker results in his traveling to schools across the nation presenting his unique take on the complex issue of bullying and how it impacts individuals and the community as a whole. Ben is one of the most powerful anti bully speaker for schools and organizations. His ability to connect with youth through laughter and honest communication has helped students overcome bullying and provides hope to those who have been victims.

Students immediately pick up on his sincerity and openness. Teachers, too, were very touched by Ben's presentations. Thankfully, in the past decade a greater awareness of the dangers and lasting impact of bullying has sparked more conversations and more action. Initiating significant and lasting change for the good of both the bullied and those who are bullying requires more than a mere "no-tolerance" policy and one week of annual anti-bully programs. Focusing, however arbitrarily, on this complex issue and passing bracelets out seems productive because as adults it makes us feel empowered; at least we are not ignoring the issue, right?

However, those in daily contact with kids who are struggling know in their gut, this is just not quite accomplishing all we had hoped. Building environments that provide a safe harbor, educational resources, and lasting change, don't come from policies, posters, and rhetoric.

True change in a human heart can be messy. It comes from digging deep into the heart of the matter, touching the ugly mess that bullying causes and meeting students right where they are. Ben Mikaelsen has a driving passion to see more than mere "improvement. This is why he writes books like Touching Spirit Bear, which are packed with authentic emotion, which serves as a mirror to the student.

Revealing personal vulnerability, anger, fear, or gentleness, whatever it is that needs to come to the surface. This book has served as a catalyst for change many times over in pre-teens and teens who need to face deep seeded anger and pain.

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Not just their own pain, but pain they may have caused others. In a People Magazine article on the damage bullying causes, a teacher used Touching Spirit Bear, to reach the heart of the matter in the student involved in bullying, which impacted real change in his heart. We know that behavior follows the intent of the mind and heart. Ben is a dynamic speaker and has a rapport with students that wins them over.

If you, your school, youth organization, or group needs more than just the average "don't bully" message, Ben has a proven track record of influencing positive behavior and facilitating authentic discussion among youths.